Help The Environment by Hosting Green - URLMonster is 100% green!
 green hosting

URLMonster is 100% green!

Our Internet hosting is powered by wind turbine 'green' energy source.

Green or Eco-friendly website hosting is a recent addition to the field of website hosting where the hosting company ensures that they are not having any negative impact on the environment.

URL monster believes and strives for a sustainable society and every single business, no matter how large or small has a role in this responsibility. Our server hardware consumes 43% less electricity with the improved energy efficiency generated from renewable energy source (wind). We have also taken the responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint and convert our servers to be wind powered!


Why Green Hosting ?

World internet usage statistics show that the internet is unbelievably doubling its size and is growing from 400 to 1000% a year, worldwide. Very few people are aware of the impact the web hosting industry on the environment. An average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV let alone and the data centre where the server is located consumes on average as much electricity as 30,000 households. Or in other words, your website is hosted on a server which on average produces around 12½ tons of CO2 a year.

It is estimated that if energy consumption with web hosting keeps raising at the current rate, by 2020 the industry will be more polluting than the airline industry. This is the reason why we are so insistent in our beliefs in GREEN HOSTING.

Green does matter !

Most of us would agree that there is a GROWING need TO LIVE a more sustainable life. Every where the green bells are ringing through various attempts to reduce their carbon foot print- green buildings, green houses, green industries, reusing recycled materials or planting new trees ….…

Help The Environment by Hosting Green - Host your sites with URLMonster

If you are not currently hosting with us but would like to promote green concept, please feel free to contact us

  Green does matter !
                 Help The Environment by Hosting Green - Host your sites with URLMonster
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